Red Wave Overview

Red Wave Value Newsletter is intended for individuals who want to take control of their own investments. In today’s world, with low interest rates and high fees for financial advisors, of sometimes suspect quality, it’s critical that individuals take the time and effort to manage their own investments.

We use a value investing approach and focus on mid and large cap companies. We are looking to opportunistically buy quality companies at attractive prices. We then look to sell after our investments have reached our price target.

In each of our newsletters, we provide at least one new idea and updates on all past ideas. When we decide to sell, we’ll provide a recap of the particular investment with complete transparency. We talk about the winners and the losers.

We constantly strive to deliver value to subscribers and believe we offer an excellent value proposition. If you only get one good idea from this newsletter per year, you will pay for the subscription many times over. We, of course, hope to deliver multiple good ideas per year.


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